Friday, September 09, 2005

Useless Discussions?

In recent weeks I have have begun to wonder even more, if the discussions on these nets have any relationship with reality on the ground in Sindh.
I become surprised by several developments including
1. Results of the local bodies elections in Sindh. These have shown that:
(a) Power of the government in terms of election rigging is enormous. The power has been excercised through Sindhi police and Sindhi civil servants.
(b) Sindhi portion of Sindh has gone back to hands of feudal lords and Pirs. The middle class leadership has been eliminated.
(c) MQM has been handed almost all Karachi and increasing portion of interior.
Silence on Kalabagh after technical committee report. Even though full details of the report have not become known, it is clear that the committee has supported construction of one are more dam. Since then, politicians of Sindh and the public have become silent. Even previous opponets appear to have become quiet.
Sindh is in hands of Altaf Bhai, Pir Pagaro, and assorted landlords like Jatois, Mahars, Chandios, Unars etc. This will be confirmed through election of district and city Nazims. And, water is in hands of the federal government.
What will be the result of all this on economic development and welfare of Sindhi people? Probably not much. Unless, Altaf Bhai has some pity on Sindhis and wants to throw some crums. I do not expect even crums from our Pir Pagaro and feudal lords.
Please prove me wrong!
Your input and help towards development of Sindh is always welcome.
Ali Nawaz MemonSindh Development Institute7204 Antares DriveGaithersburg, Maryland, USA 20879


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