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How Sindh and Sindhis can be saved

Very well said! I am delighted to see such positive suggestions. Now we have to really work hard to make sure that these are implemented.

How do we do it? Let us know how we all can help.

In the meantime, I am taking the liberty of posting some of your suggestions on

Your input and help towards development of Sindh is always welcome.

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Dear Friends,

I have been reading the mails of Ada Khalid Hashmani,Mahjabeen Agha, Fiza, Amicus etc. For bringing a real change we have toconcentrate on our youth, so i would like to write few lines in this regard.It is an established fact that for centuries there have been 7/8 basic humancommitments / devotions including the following:1- Money or Power 2-Romance & Biological Needs3- Family and Friends 4- Profession / Career & Knowledge5- Ideology (Politics, Philosophy or Religion or Sect) 6-Identification,Charity & Fame etc

If you analyze the current mental and physical status of our youth andthe prevailing environment you would find that in majority case ofyoungsters have been concentrating and emphasizing on 1st three categoriesand neglecting the last three. They have been trying their level best tocopy the western youth in first three but have almost forgotten theexceptional commitment and input of European and American youth towardsprofession, politics and human rights.

Our teenagers know about Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham,Daniel Steel, and Frederick Forsyth but these have a little knowledge ofFaiz Ahmed Faiz, Shah Latif, Shaikh Ayaz, Ghalib, Rajinder Singh Bedi,Naseem Kharal, Perveen Shakir, Amar Jaleel, Faraz, Ustad Bukhari, AmartaPreetam, Noor ul Huda Shah, Sundri Uttamchandani, Mushtaq Yousifi, KirshanChander, Mantoo etc. They talk about Matrix, Dumb and Dumber, Terminator andHarry Potter but they never prefer to watch Dotoevisky's Insulted &Humiliated , Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities, Richard Gere's Sommersby,Alpacino's Scent of a Woman, Dr. Zhivago, Pride and Prejudice, Sense andSensibility, With Honours, Bazar, Kaalka, Ijazat, Aakrosh, Silsila etc. Theyproudly talk about Michael Bolton, Julio Igluses, Kenny Rogers, Celine Dion,Mary J. Blige, Bob Dylan, Suzane Vega, Toni Braxton, Tracy Chapman, BobMarley, Lauryn Hill, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrisette etc but they feelinferior while referring to Lata, Ustad Juman, Beero Faqeer, Seengar AliSaleem, Pankhaj Udhas, Abida Parveen,Mahdi Hasan, Sarmad Sindhi, Mukesh, Ahmed Rushdi & Kishore Kumar.... Theydiscuss and praise the art of Van Gog, Picasso, & Claude Monet but havenever heard of Sadqain, Gul Mohd Khatri, Shagufta Shah, Abro, Zafar Kazmietc.

In early eighties and nineties our teenagers were very enthusiasticabout getting admissions in Medical and Engineering Colleges, but when thejob saturation touched its maximum height they switched over to foreignvisas and education abroad. Unfortunately after nine eleven North Americanand European Countries redesigned their visa policies and now after 7/7Britain is about to do the same, nowadays getting avisit or study visa for developed countries is almost impossible.

What has to be done now? Lets inform our youth, our future, that onceagain we have to rely on study and career opportunities available inKarachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Islamabad, Dubai, Kualalumpore andBangkok. Those who afford can and shouldget admissions in IBA, CBM, Agha Khan University, NED, Mehran University,LUMS, QU, LMC, ICA,Indus Valley Arts Institute etc. but those who cant afford can also move toHyderabad and Karachi by getting jobs in multinationals and corporate sectorand by investing in small business of real estate, IT centers, carshowrooms, franchise outlets, ice cream parlors,chaat and CD stalls at Saddar, Boat Basin, Clifton, Empress Market, or bygetting small, odd but well paid jobs at Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald, Nandos,Dominos, call centers, telemarketing, net cafés, shopping malls, securityagencies etc. Lets tell our youth that in coming years the priority ofprofessional fields will rapidly change and following professions,industries and fields would be able to accommodate thousands of trulyqualified and skilled persons:Readymade Garments, Automobile & Electronics (cellular phones etc), Law,Information Technology, Media & TV, Sports material, Income TaxConsultation, Petroleum and Gas engineering, Business Administration etc.

Have we ever realized that during the past 18 months the prices of propertyin Karachi and Hyderabad have almost doubled and in some cases increased 4to 5 times. The plot of 500 yards in defence and Clifton Karachi is almosttouching 1 to 1.5 crore and in Qasimabad Hyderabad it has increased to 25 to40 lacs. Have our overseas friends realized that they should have boughtplots / houses or at least flats in Clifton or defence and if they could notafforded they could have preferred reasonable and Sindhi dominatedlocalities like Gulistan Johar, Bhittai Abad, Lyari, Shanti Nagar, Maleer,Ibrahim Haidri, Juma Goth, Himayati Goth, Kiamari, Sindhi Muslim Society orPECHS in Karachi and areas like Qasimabad, Hussain Abad, Wadhoo Wah, CitizenColony, Revenue Colony, Nasim Nagar, Naqash Villaz, Prince Town, GulistanSajjad, State Life Colony, Gulshan-e-Mahran, Jamshoro University Society,Memon Society, Bagh-e-Irum, Baldia Collony, Tando Wali Muhammad, KhokharMohalla, Chandni, Shelter, SRTC Plaza' s of Cant, AutoBhan Road, WahdatColony etc in Hyderabad. Considering the future importance of Hyderabad itsnot too late to think about it lets tell our rural friends and relatives toinvest in Hyderabad and Karachi all of us must have a house / flat or shopin big cities, lets ask and invite our colleagues and family friends tostart small businesses and entrepreneurships in Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas,Sukkur and Karachi.

Lets decide that we will convince our relatives that at least one personfrom each rural family will have to move to Karachi, Hyderabad or Islamabadand for that purpose if they need guidance or support lets facilitate them.We can exchange web addresses of educational institutions, jobopportunities, cheap accommodations in Gulistan Johar, working women hostel,Punjab colony and Delhi colony near Clifton, Qasimabad and F-7 Markaz andRaja Bazaar Pindi etc. We can tell them that by doing 6 to 12 monthsDiplomas or degrees in IT, electronic media, editing, camera, dubbing, setdesigning, Mechanical engineering, electrical, electronics they can getscores of jobsin Karachi and Fareast and Gulf Countries. Lets ask every rural family toget one strong youngster recruited in Army or Rangers. We can also get helpfrom our youth in spreading the human rights and legal knowledge about theirrights and responsibilities. We can assist them to resist Karo Kari (honourkillings), forced marriages, child abuse, illiteracy and tribalism.

Friends, do take notice of the backwardness of our youngsters and of theserious threat to the future of millions of poor and deprived ruralteenagers. Come forward, support this noble cause, share jobs, educationalopportunities with your rural fellows.You may concentrate on Money or Power, Romance & Biological Needs, Familyand Friends but please do spare some time for Professional Knowledge,Political and National identification, charity and legal and human rightsawareness. You know, when some friends launchedSindh Research Council (SRC) few years ago, all of our friends were saying,"we are to busy to spare time for charitable work" I like to think I have adiverse bunch of friends and I think that if I got them all together in oneroom, more than one fight would break out, but at the same time cant we usethose friends for a joint nonprofit community project? So those same friendswhen persuaded and ultimately made commitment, they helped more than 1100pauper prisoners in their cases and have provided counseling to over 400victims of torture, family violence and drug and child abuse. I know we allare very busy, we have to deal with our education, official and familyresponsibilities. But cant we chain ourselves to a chair and work for halfan hour to help our nation. I think we can and we should...Dreaming when dawn's left hand was in the skyI heard a voice within the tavern cry,"Awake, my little ones, and fill the cupBefore life's liquor in its cup be dry."


Ayaz Latif Palijo
Advocate High Court,,, Office: 19 & 20, Shelter, Saddar, Cant, Hyderabad, Sindh,Pakistan-Ph: 92-222-651725, 651947 Off: 729964 Cell: 0300-3063471,0303-6140316. wrote:
. In order to rediscover the glory of Sindh few yet effective measures are desired to deliver such as;
1. Furnishing education to all

2. Establishing rhetoric society

3. Eradicating feudal perception

4. Providing all means and measures to gain feasible economic vis-à-vispolitical lobby

5. Removing dichotomy between high to low cadre civil society

6. Understanding the demands and desires of the common people



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