Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sindh Share in Development Outlay:

Sindh Share in Development Outlay:

This is Justice inPakistan!!! And Still Sindh is to Blame!!! The MQM Finance Minister's absence from today'sinformal gathering of provincial ministers to discussNFC didn't help Sindh case at all.

But this incident is not an isolated one. The basicissue here is that the province of Sindh is not beingserved right by the rulers at the helm of affairs inKarachi or in Islamabad. Masters that be havemanufactured the present Sindh Government according totheir wishes. And it is working strictly according tothe blue print provided to it.

The people of Sindh have no representation at thedecision making Quarters in Islamabad either. There isnot even a semblance of any voice of Sindh at theCentral level. The situation is appalling and mostdisturbing. Things may erupt violently if nocorrective measures are taken immediately. Read a story by senior journalist Sabihuddin Ghausi intoday’s Dawn and see what is happening in Pakistan.

Inan startling disclosure – which actually would notsurprise anyone in present day Pakistan – he hasreported that ‘Sindh’s share in the federalgovernment’s Rs272 billion public sector developmentoutlay, being proposed for the next fiscal year, hasbeen worked out at Rs20.14 billion or 10.2 per centwhich is far below the population ratio of about 24per cent on the basis of which federal tax poolresources are distributed’.

He further says that after ‘adjusting the proposedtotal PSDP outlay of Rs272 billion with an allocationof Rs 68billion for all the provinces, the ratio ofSindh’s share in the net amount of Rs204 billion comes to a little over 19 per cent which too falls short ofits population ratio’.

And then look at the ganging up of the mullahs of MMAagainst Sindh. JI has historically been anti-Sindhi people. JUI of Mullah Fazal is not any different. He along with NWFP CM Durrani and FM Siraj have been pressurizing Sindh to give up its stand on justdistribution of resources. Now why don’t they give up their demands over theHydel power income? The Indus River passes through theNWFP. A dam is constructed on the river in thatprovince and they demand the share from the income ofHydel power. On the other hand, Sindh is blessed witha coast. It has ports. Why can’t it demand due sharefrom the income generated through its ports, natural resources, oil and gas, minerals, financialinstitutions, industries, businesses, etc.?

If locals are employed in the businesses and industries in the Punjab and the NWFP, why can’tSindhis demand jobs in all such enterprises in theirprovince? Why an apple is ‘halaal’ for one and‘haraam’ for the other? Why can’t there ever bejustice in Pakistan? Don’t we already know that unjustsystems and societies don’t last for long?

Aziz Narejo


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