Saturday, April 16, 2005

Why big land owners are not agitating against water shortages?

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My Dear Ali Nawaz Memon sahib

Please do not count me as an intellectual who can play with wordsand phrases to come up with a long article on how to gainacceptability among the writers.Hence my views may always be weightedon small scales as they have more of my views as I see them ratherthan those based on Rhetorics.

Sir first of all how many would you call ''Land Lords'' in Sindh,I am afraid may be few and that also includes functional andprogressive Farmers as they see profitability only under certaineconomical acers so as to afford avenues of modren machines. Otherthen that call what one may like but there are Farmers, Agriculturistsand Abadgars but no more Land Lords. Being off the record I maymention some true facts there are some Nizamani Land Owners who youmay call as bigger land owners but devoid of basic,decent life style,they would at the end of season not buy clothes or take a holiday oreven give a decent education to thier kids but buy some more land,theyhave time and again asked my manager how do I sustain my better thenthier live style by meeting people of all segments, move in highsociety,host n be guest at social get togethers,live in my own houseat karachi,as an when pocket permits visit both east as well as westfor holidays,educate my kids at good schools Hence from where do Ibring money knowing well not just my acerage but my entire income.Thereply is always that its God who gives me for my use unlike they wholive and die in rags.I think its also the curse of God on those whofor the sake of thier hunger pamper the police and befriend them whereneither could I do nor dream such a thing plus though havent seen thepolice station none dare touch my workers who are as neat,clean andtrust worthy and better citizens then many. Hence the perspective thatall who own lands,or are abadgars/farmers are also Land Lords. Thishas been played by those who still fear the power of the people. Forgood or bad, Feudalism is in the mind set of the person not the landshe own. We long gave away our large holdings yet people love us.

Now comming to your question why big land owners are notagitating for water shortages where as esteemed persons of great humanservice like Palijo sahib, Qadir Mangsi sahib are day and nite on thestreets with hundreds n thousands of workers demanding rights for us,I salute thier valour as they could both afford time, money andphysical endurance while agitating for all of us.Yes we too do so butcan never be recognised for any thing done. Please visit and click on President Responds, therego to messages where you will find my mail to him and his respond.Today if for any reason I join PPP or MQM sir belive me I cant affordsojurns to UK and Dubai because probably my late dad didnt leave methat much that I may spend on my politics and I do not belive in oilfrom oil seeds.I have all the respect for those great leaders forthier wisdom,political acumen and again thier physical endurance whichI can never match even 0.1% I swear I have said truth to you.I for allpurpose may exchange all my property for just one 10 by 20 feet shopat Elphi but its for the fragrance and love for the soil of my landthat I even prayed at Mecca n Madina that may God send me into myancestral soil when I go to eternal sleep as thats where my dust willeasily mix with the dust of my soil.
Thank you for your patience.
Mushtaq ali Talpur


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