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Different point of views on creation of districts

From: Mashooq Talpur <>Reply-To: sindh-politics@yahoogroups.comTo: yahoo sindhi-politics <>Subject: [sindh-politics] Tando Mohd Khan " New District"Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 16:04:48 -0700 (PDT)
Dear friends Tando Mohd Khan is now a new district ,it is great pride and honour for the peoples of TMK who have struggled for TMK to be Distt ,but unfortunely in the past on political basis Badin was made district rather then TMK.
Hyderabad is heart of sindh and will remain so and let me assure those who are not aware of the fact that even today in Hyd district of Taluka Qasimabad ,Taluka Latifabad ,Taluka rural Hyd , Taluka Hyd city there is 45% population who speak sindhi , are native sindhi ,s so the hue and cry that Hyd has been divided on sindhi ,urdu speaking peoples is just baseless . the only thing which hurts the friends is that their power base has been now challenged on the demand of the masses who want their problems to be solved on their door step ,rather then been ignored on political round ..TMK district will surely benefit its peoples who needs jobs security ,economic growth,and new venues of development will be opened for the masses they will have an opportunity for better education their will be surely new universities ,new gates for advance technology education will be opened a agriculture based universcity surely will be now in the minds of elected members of new district .The opposition now must realise which is written on the wall that peoples of respective district want their area to be developed why not when Punjab have created more then dozen district s in last 10 years why so called leaders want to suffer the poor masses of sindh ,this is 21 century so no more Pir,Mir, Makhdoom or Syed can expliot the situation .Reality and ground facts must be accepted with open minds and heart let the peoples have choice to prosper and have good quality of life....

----Original Message Follows----From: "Ali Hussain" <>Reply-To: sindhorg@yahoogroups.comTo:, sindhorg@yahoogroups.comSubject: [sindhorg] New Districts of HyderabadDate: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 22:18:16 +0500
Oh Sindh Rise for surely you are orphaned. I want to bring before youexamples from Districts in Punjab with a population greater than that ofHyderabad but still one district. I list them below.
HYDERABAD (SINDH) population 28,91,488
Punjab Districts:
Jhang Rural and Urban both one district 28,34,545MNA seats 6MPA seats 11
Multan rural and urban both one district 31,16,851MNA 6MPA 13
Shiekhupura 33,21,029
Rahimyar Khan 31,41,053
Rawalpindi 33,63,911
If all these Punjabi districts with diverse populations can be one seperatedistrict each with population greater than Hyderabad then why do they dividehyderabad. So that Muhajirs would dominate the Sindhis and that the MQMwould get greater number of District Nazims.
Ali Hussain

----Original Message Follows----From: Gul Agha <>Reply-To: sindhorg@yahoogroups.comTo:, voice of Sindh <>, world sindhi group <>, sindhiana group <>Subject: Re: [sindhorg] New Districts of HyderabadDate: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 12:45:00 -0500
On Apr 4, 2005 12:18 PM, Ali Hussain <> wrote: > ... then why do they > divide > hyderabad. So that Muhajirs would dominate the Sindhis and that the MQM > would get greater number of District Nazims. > > Ali Hussain
this is called gerrymandering in political science. If there is 30%population A and 70% population B, one can make two districts with 60%population A and 100% population B and thus have population A dominateB in one half the districts. If you have 40% of population A, theycan make 3 districts with so that two of them have 20/33.3 or 60%majority of the minority and the minority population A dominates 2 out3 districts.
They have been at it already.. 80% of Sindh's population is Sindhi butI believe they have increased Urdu speaking representation to 35% orso at the provincial level (someone can provide the exact figures).
--Gul AghaChampaign, Illinois, USA

----Original Message Follows----From: "src" <>Reply-To: sindhi-baloch-seraiki-forum@yahoogroups.comTo: "list sindhi-baloch-seraiki-forum" <,"List'>>,"List sindhmedia" <>Subject: [SindhiBalochSeraiki] Re: New Districts of Hyderabad...MQM-Punjab ConsipiracyDate: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 12:23:30 +0500
Dosto, By creating four districts out of Hyderabad, the MQM and Punjabiestablishment are achieving following targets:

1. There will be no Sindhi chairman or Nazim in Hyderabad, DCO, DPO and evensessions judge would be appointed by the MQM.

2. All local central offices of provincial, federal and corporate sectorsituated in Hyderabad, their budgets, employees, recruitment policies,transfer nd postings will be controlled by MQM e.g: PIA, Railway, RadioPakistan, OGDC, Sui Southern Gas, PTCL, WAPDA, Habib Bank, State Bank,National Bank, Civil Hospital, DG Health, All offices of Shahbaz Building,FM Radio, WASA, Irrigation, Highways, Public Health, Education works etc.

3. Hyderabad has remained the focal point of pro-sindhi andanti-establishment agitations and demos, now they will try to impose bansunder the demonstration of dist nazim or city nazims.

4. The budget allocated by federal govt, provincial govt and internationaldonors for metropolitan hyderabad will be used for one ethnic group ofparetabad, latifabad, liaquat colony etc.

5. All national and provincial assembly seats including the constituency ofQasimabad will be taken by MQM.

6. Qasimabad will be treated like occupied territory.

7. Press club hyderabad will be controlled and dominated by one ethnicgroup.

8. As in Karachi, Sindhi media of Hyd will have to subordinate MQM.

9. Sindhis of Tando Mohd Khan, Matiari and Tando Allahyar under theleadership of Jamots, Mir Nawaz, Irfan Magsi, Hakeem Memon etc would beinstigated against the SIndhis of Hala, Qasimabad, Tando Jam and othersurrounding rural areas and establishment and MQM will try to crate anothermishap like Qambar.

10. An attempt would be made to divert the attention of Sindhis fromKalabagh Dam, Thal Canal, NFC and Provincial autonomy etc.

11. Alatf Husain would be able to claim that they have full support in fivedistricts of Sindh (four of Karachi and hyd) and marginal support in TandoAllahyar, Tando Adam, Nawabshah and Mirpurkhas,

12. Educational institutes like Elsa Qazi campus, Polytechnic College, StBonaventure, Beacon House, City School, Noor Mohd High School, MuslimCollege, Govt College, Sindh LAw College, Model School would be controlledby MQM and Altaf Sahib.

13. Majority of Sindhi officers posted in Hyderababd will be transferred toother districts and remote rural areas.

14. Sindhi students male and female will not be allowed to get admissions inCity colleges and schools.

15. All Govt department, NGOs, private institutes, builders, corporatesector and financers will be forced to pay bhatta and extortion.

16. Markets like Resham Gali, Tower MArket, Saddar, Sereyghat, Shahi bazaarand old institutes like Sindh Museum, Language Authority, Dialdas Club, oldcampus etc will be under the MQM control.

17. After Karachi once again sindhis would be thrown out of a metropolitancentre and economic hub.

ayaz latif


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