Thursday, March 31, 2005

Maj Gen Ahsan (RET) on Karachi water

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I agree with Memon Saheb.This also brings to our focus the fact that water is not the probem of rural areas or of those who live below Kotri but it is a matter of life & death for any one who lives anywhere in Sindh. I am sad to note that so far Karachi,s public has not shown any interest in the fight against KBD. When my family migrated from C.P. India in Jan 1948, I was less than 8 years old but I remember distinctly how we were recieved in Sindh with open arms. It is shameful that Karachites are keeping mum over this issue. If this is the attitude, then let us divide the entire amount of drinking water to entire Sindh & let the Karachites get their deficient water from wherever they want. Karachi is the capital of Sindh & Karachites should learn to march in step with the rest of our province.

Maj Gen Ahsan Ahmed (Retd) PPP London.


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