Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Need for courses on Sindh Development

Dear memon sahib,

I have been reading your writings on sindh house net for a long time, we even met at Sana convention at NJ when you and MR.Hafiz Shaikh were surrounded by friends and well wishers. Recently I visited sindh and stayed at jamshoro for six months. I call this my vacation in wilderness, i-e., social, political, economical and educational. somehow i am of the opinion that we should accept the fact that from 1947 onwards we have failed to play our constructive role as teachers, intellectuals, political leaders, and social reformers in improving the over all situation of sindhi people by not providing them with the true and worthwhile information.all knowledge and information we have been imparting is based on personal likes and dislikes and colored by our prejudice and image of others as created in our minds by our personal experiences. I am a witness to the fact that majority of our political and social leaders have kept on changing their ideologies and attitudes from time to time and confusing their followers and much more than doing any good to them.

Your writings at least bring to us facts and figures contributing to our knowledge and enabling us to refer to these figures when discussing the issues with others. I must thank you for that. Is it possible that Sindh house could start a series of short term courses (on line) or correspondence ones regarding development of sindh including various aspects and issues, present and future oriented? the participants of these courses may be awarded certificates or diplomas to enable them to compete in job market at national and international level. I personally look upon it as a service to our nation by providing our people not only with correct information but also equipping them with the knowledge and skills very much needed for future dialogue on the issues as well as, a solid steping stone to employment opportunities in related fields.

Thanks. sincerely,
DR.Qamar Wahid .(ms)


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