Sunday, May 15, 2005

Water resources: Open Letter to Secretary Irrigation, Sindh

Mr Ashfaq Memon
Secretary Irrigation Sindh

Dear Ashfaq,

We, the overseas Sindhis are really concerned about water resource management of Sindh.

We hear and read about shrinking river and canal water available to Sindh through high handedness and even reported outright theft.

We also read about new projects which will further reduce clean water to Sindh in years to come.

We hear about accumation of poisonous drainage water in lakes and lands of Sindh. We hear about contaiminated ground water.

We hear about outbreaks of gastro diseases relating to poisonous water. Earlier this week, BBC even reported outbreak of cholera in Jacobabad-- twevelve confirmed cases were reported.

Just now, I have read about a protest rally in Larkana to Save Hamal Lake. It is one of the lakes in which sweet water has been replaced by poisonous drainage water due to poorly designed project of Right Bank Out fall Darin(RBOD). Because of that project Hamal Lake tragedy occurred and 13 people of the adjacent villages, including women and children have died and more than 5000 people were hospitalized for water-born diseases, drinking the unsafe drinking water drained from RBOD into Hamal Lake in district Shahdad Kot .

The wide spread perception here is that international financial institutions with collaboration of Government of Pakistan are busy to destroy agriculture, environment and eco-system of Sindh and indigenous Sindhi population in the name of development . On one hand Indus water life blood of Sindh s agricultural economy is being controlled, and on other hand ground water is being polluted by draining poisonous water from Punjab and Balochistan, into the natural lakes and delta of Sindh. Local experts of Sindh are not being consulted and proper environment studies are not being conducted about mega projects. Sindhis in north America and Europe feel that now people of Sindh are being killed by poisonous water which was released from otherprovinces into Sindh through RBOD and LBOD. They feel that all sweet water lakes of Sindh have been converted into contaminated water and ground water had been changed to saltish- water. Sindhis are pushed to drink poison. Overseas Sindhis have no choice but to appeal to international community to look at matter and support the indigenous peoples of Sindh.

Do the overseas sindhis have correct opinion?

As Secretary Irrigation, you are the custodian and chief protector of Sindh waters. Please tell us, what is the correct position.

Your input and help towards development of Sindh is always welcome.

Ali Nawaz Memon
Sindh Development Institute
7204 Antares DriveGaithersburg, Maryland, USA


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