Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Rape at Sindh University: Selected comments and proposed action

Dear SaeeN Iqbal Tareen, Khalid Hashmani, Ali Nawaz Memon, Hussain BinMansoor, Aftab Kazi, Sarfraz Memon,Hanif Sangi, Aijaz Solangi, Munawar Soomro & other friends,

Your concern is very timely, the violence in campuses is one of the mostimportant threats faced by our nation. We need active and strategiccontribution from students and youth in our national struggle, but since thedays of Zia ul Haq agencies and criminals have been dominating oureducational institutes and have been using the students against their ownbrothers and sisters.

I think we can take following immediate steps to stopsuch activities:a. SANA and other overseas organizations, Sindh Consultative Forum (SCF),Sindhi Adabi Sangat, Sindh Culture and Literature Development Committee andSindh Graduate Association (SGA) should invite a meeting of all studentsgroups and their parents organizations in Hyderabad, and a collective"NATIONAL CODE OF CONDUCT FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS" be approved for allstudents org. and a "National Disciplinary & Reconciliatory Committee (NDRC)" comprising of Leading Writers, Teachers, Intellectuals, ViceChancelloers of All Universities and of representatives of above mentionedorganizations be formed.

b. This code should include following clauses:
1. Appointments in universities and colleges should be made on pure meritinstead of political considerations. Competent, dutiful and honestacademicians, scholars and administrators should be appointed as the headsof universities and educational institutes.
2. The illegal, immoral and unauthorized allocation of admission seats tostudent organizations, teachers, vice chancellors, ministers and CM shouldbe stopped at once.
3. Government, all political parties and nationalist and religious groupsshould stop interference in the educational affairs of universities andcolleges.
4. Teacher's organizations should work for the betterment of educationinstead of petty interests, increments and promotions.
5. Students organization should undertake that Boycott system and selfgranted leaves from classes be stopped.
6. Terrorism and Lawlessness in universities and colleges should beeliminated.
7. Copy culture and the system of false marks sheets should be eliminated.
8. The goondaism, extortion and sexual violence towards students, teachersand workers should be uprooted and the culprits be given severe punishmentsand a vigorous campaign should be launched by political parties and media touproot violence and copy culture.
9. NDRC should investigate the crimes committed by the students and teachersorganization in campuses during the last 30 years (1975 to 2005) and shouldask the responsible organization to compensate the victims by taking actionagainst the culprits and by extending public apology.
10. The Quota System should be implemented in letter and spirit.
11. At least 65 % attendance should be made compulsory for appearance inexams.
12. All political parties and Student organizations should undertake thatfrom now on if any office bearer or student activists affiliated to theirpolitical parties and students organizations, any staff member of theiruniversities and colleges and any member of teacher organization wouldsupport or take part in the following actions and activities:a- Misbehavior, blackmailing and misconduct with teachers.b- Boycott and self granted leaves.c- Imposing ban upon rival political groups and organizations.d- Postponement of examinations.e- Restricting the political opponents or any student or organization fromholding the peaceful functions, from attending the classes or from appearingin the exams.f- Bringing criminals in the university / college premises & hostels.g- Using, storing and exhibiting weapons in the university / college orhostel premises.h- Threatening, kidnapping or pressurizing any teacher, student andofficial for donation, marks, extortion, buses or hostel allotments.i- Following, pressurizing, threatening and blackmailing the girls students.j- Threatening, blackmailing, kidnapping or pressurizing any student forjoining a particular political group or for sexual relationship.k- Giving marks without merit, selling marks and positions or operatingtuition centers in university / college premises.l- Forcibly taking male or female students to political demonstrations,rallies and general bodies.Then he / she would be immediately expelled / dismissed permanently from his/ her affiliation / membership, shall be rusticated / expelled from theinstitution for at least one year and would be treated as a traitor ofSindh. In case of refusal of such compliance by the Political Party orGroup, that political party, group or organization will also be boycotted byNDRC and by SANA, WSC, WSI, Sindh Consultative Forum (SCF), Sindhi AdabiSangat, Sindh Culture and Literature Development Committee and SindhGraduate Association (SGA) for at least one year and the same decision wouldbe announced through media.
Ayaz Latif PalijoAdvocate High Court-----

Original Message -----From: "Iqbal Tareen" <aqatar@airmail.net>>> April 17, 2005>> Respected Nisar Khuhro Sahib and> Respected Bashir Qureshi Sahib,>> During this time of immense strife that people of Sindh and Pakistan are> going through, the two most barbaric acts are being widely discussed on> various net groups. Local media in Sindh has reported that a 14 years old> girl Shabana Mirani and another Sindh University male student have become> recent victims of sexual assaults by members of political groups.>> Unfortunately these acts of immoral turpitude are attributed to important> members of Jeeay Sindh Students Federation and Pakistan Peoples Party.This> news violates great traditions of our great land. We, in North America are> faced with multiple versions of these events.>> It goes without saying that everyone who has expressed an outrage at these> events is a patriot, supporter of restoration of democracy and individual> and collective human rights in Sindh and Pakistan. It is the morality of> purpose that has always been the sole compass and guiding force behindevery> position we take on various issues facing our nation. These tragic events> have exposed the ultimate poverty of purpose and loss of moral compass of> those who might have plagued noble movements to advance their immoralends.>> At the time when people of Sindh and Pakistan are engaged in fighting> against the tyranny of General Musharraf and conspiracies to partitionSindh> and deprive people of minorities and small nationalities in Pakistan of> their rightful place, we are being diverted from the greater goal byissues> of our own unfortunate creation. I hope and pray that the truth is farfrom> being reported in the media. North American Sindhis are short on theactual> facts relating to these tragic events. I urge you to personally intervene,> find the facts and if found guilty, please punish these culpritsregardless> of their positions or status within the parties.>> We are engaged in a cause that promises building a fair, moral and just> society. We must protect the dignity of every man, women and child along> this noble journey. We must not allow acts of a few, which are designed to> jeopardize the cause of many. I urge you to side with truth regardless of> the price you have to pay in doing what you must.>> By doing the right thing you will win many hearts and prayers.>> Best regards.>> Iqbal Tareen> Arlington, Texas> USA>> Ada Hanif,>> This is a real sham for all of us. I confess that this news has notcrossed> my eyes, but since you have kindly brought it to our knowledge, I request> SANA human rights committee to do their job with immediate appropriate> actions and follow up.>> Regards> Sarfraz Memon-----

Original Message -----From: "Mansoor Hallaj" <tarot66@yahoo.com>> Dear and Respected Qureshi Sahab and other members of> Jiey Sindh Organization,>> When I wrote names of several leaders I didnot mean to> curse the whole party or all the members of Jiey Sindh> or other Nationalists what I mean that we must start> political training of students alongwith extensive> hard work in studies. If we want to get our Rights we> would have to work overtime, day and night to rebuild> the Sindh from Kashmore to Karachi. Nobody would do it> if we dont start ourselves. There was an ICS> Bureaucrat in India namely Akhter Hameed Khan {noy> passed away . May God bless him forever in Jannatul> Firdous, Amen}, he left his ICS Job and that was a> lucrative job in pre-partition days and people in> Bangladesh particularly in Comilla can never forget> his services he rendered for them.>> He could be a shining example for all of us his Orangi> Pilot Project is witness to the development work in> Orangi Town Karachi where people were made enable to> self help. What we must do first is to start a> campaign not through rallies and press statement but> through maintaining discipline amongst Sindhi> Community {or what is left of it} instead of demanding> leadership and post in the party.>> Bring back all those genuine scholars who have left> Sindh University and other institutions in the> Interior of Sindh due to fear of rowdyism and appoint> them back in Sindh University and follow their orders> strictly even if they slap you on face tolerate it.> Help maintain the standards of Sindh University so> that it can be compared with Government College> Lahore, LUMS and IBM Karachi so that our brothers in> Interior Sindh shall once again compete international> standard like Bhutto once did. He was also from> Larkana and once in a Kutchehry in his house Larkana> he reprimanded a Rural Sindhi on his dress and very> harshly said why dont you people wear pant shirts.> When he used to be very harsh on those Sindhis who> used to come to him for a job in Custom and other such> anarchist department. He used to say, I want you to> join Foreign Service and you are asking about Custom> Job, and that was a leader we lost.>> My very humble and very loving advise is that first of> all there must be a revolution in Sindh in Education> sector. We must improve our english {for a start get> two work books of Thomson and Martinet and circulate> it freely amongst all, if it is difficult to> understand than there are thousands of Translators who> can make it Sindhi-English Work book and then> distribute it}, the second thing is Internet we must> bring in Media Revolution in the interior of Sindh> therefore we should establish as much ISPs as we could> so we could have access to World and what is happening> outside. We would have to protect those of middle> class left in the interior of Sindh as they are the> element who can bring in the change. We must protect> the businessclass who are in the interior of Sindh no> matter Hindus, Punjabis or Urdu Speaking and we> Sindhis must protect them even at the cost of our> lives so to dispel that negative impression that has> intentionally and unintentionally been developed over> the years that we are not tolerating the foreigners.> Diversity is the beauty whats done is done. You can> never turn the clock back but save what is left. I> agree on all the issues 1000% AND with you against> NFC, KBD, THAL and whatever but we must first maintain> Lae and Order amongst oursleves to organize ourselves.> The landlords must see what is writing on the wall> that if you would not allow the middle class amongst> you in the interior Sindh then a day would come when> you yourself would be nowhere.>> Leave Sindhi Language alone its not going anywhere and> for the time being for a change start learning english> and computer. The reports of Interior Sindh must be> filed in English in all over the world, join> International Forums . Stand up and be counted like> Narejo Sahab and Tareen Sahab. Start or revive any> Newspaper e.g Sindh Quarterly and cover the issues and> problems of Interior of Sindh and put it on the net so> that the World know that there is a place call Sindh.> Start a Newspaper in Urdu and cover the issues of> Interior of Sindh. We would have to work very hard for> our existence not through Guns but through pen. Our> neighbourhood in Interior Sindh must be clean like any> well developed area of any city. We would have to> start from somewhere and first thing would be the> image building, shatter all the misconceptions and> myths.>> Hussain Bin Mansoor Al Hallaj.-----

Message -----From: "Aftab Kazi" <aftabkazib@yahoo.com>Re: [sanalist] Boy rapped by Jieay Sindh (JSSF) Central President SudheerTunio> Unedited>> Law and order on the one and humane behavior on the other has had been aserious problem on Sindh University campus for years. I am talking aboutdecades. Campus representatives of various subnationalist studentorganizations often think that the campus is their Jagir. In light of thealleged rape of a student, I wish to share the following two examples that Ipersonally witnessed during my approximately two year long stay as professorat Sindh University. During the last six months of my stay when I serveredas chief executive assistant to vice chancellor on the post of pro vicechancellor, I had access to sensitive files and I was shocked to learn aboutthe deplortable educational and moral role played by the campus leaders ofsuch organizations. Below are two examples of the incidents that Ipersonally witnessed.>> 1. During winter 1996, while visiting a dear friend at the Department ofFresh Water Biology, my friend and I were sipping tea in sun on the lawn ofthe department. Right across FWB department is located the the building ofthe Department of Zoology. Zoology building has some steps. What Ipersonally saw/witnessed was that a student standing at those steps movedhis right leg to hinder a young female student walking down those steps.Poor girl student could not maintain her balance and faild. She sat down onthe steps and started crying. The male student had a few big laughs and hestarted walking toward the kisk near by the FWB building. I could notcontrol my shock and walked toward the student. I asked him whiy he hinderedand hurt the girl student? He replied that "She is a Muhajir". I told him,would that had been right if a Muhajir student had hurt a Sindhi girl? Wouldyou then still be laughing? I was angry. Boy listened me and gave allowedhimself a half minute break of> thought. Then he walked away. I asked other students at the kiosk, whowas this student. He was the campus president of Taraqi Passand group. Myfriend from FWB told me not to interfere in such students. The boy could hadbeen violent to you. Well approximately two weeks latter, while parking mycar outside the Department of Botany, I saw the Taraqi Passand group campuschairman. He saw me, but had his eyes down as he walked away.>> 2. In September or so during 1997, a professor friend from a university inIslamabad visited me in Jamshoro. Free man as I am, I stayed in TeachersHostel and in my own simple austere ways. He was staying with me at theTeachers hostel. It was before the evening meal and we were sittingcheering over glasses and talking at he lawn of the hostel. All of a sudden,we heard the sounds of guns and granades being firied at some distance. Iasked one of the servers of the hostel to find out what was happening. Hetook his bike and travelled to Students' hostel area and returned after halfan hour or so. He reported that two student groups representing differentsubnationalist campus organizations on the campus had a fight in the maincafe teria outside the hostels. Poor waiter in cafe teria served water toone group first. As a result, the other group started shouting and fighting.All this led to pistol firing and hand graned throwing. Many students ranout and fighting groups shot> against each other behind the tables, etc. Luckily no one was killed orhurt. But that is an example of behavior.>> 3. During the last six months on PVC post, I came across at least onceabout a repe report. A female professor at the university had written apersonal letter to VC about her agony of rape in her house. She left theuniversity afterwards.>> 4. Ever since my return back to USA, a number of violent incidents havebeen reported and some students were killed by rivaling student groups oncampus, at least once within the premises of the Faculty of Arts.>> 5. While PVC and even afterwards, I also received reports that theseviolent subnationalist groups maintain business or ideological relationshipswith the police officers nearby the campus. God knows, if that is true.>> 6 During my stay at SU, I came across some information that some membersof the campus based subnationalist groups, were engaged in seeking smallscale university renovation projects. VC had requested me to intervene inthese matters. These contracters were not using proper materials and oftenleft some project incomplete. One phone call that I made, questioning thesenegative trends straightened up the situation somewhat. Since, I stayed as avery simple person together with all other colleaguse as a humane withoutrespect to rank or seniority, helped everyone who asked including those whomay have hurt me, every one respected me (Two faculty members who didnagative letter writing against me were motivated by their own promotionalconcerns, not personally. By now, they convey their regards to me with everychance they get to communicate).>> 7. Similar inhumane injustices and treatment to students was witnessed inthe behavior of some other bureaucrats of the university, wether admissionsor examinations. List of such incidents will be longer if I continued>> Briefly, no one appreciates any act of forced rape on a young student. Theact is criminal and those allegedly involved be punished severely, if theseallegations prove correct. Friends, this is not the only incident that Iknow. In 1964, while a first year student at Sindh College of Commerce, Ihad friends studying at the Government College nearby Phuleli in Hyderabad.Some immoral young enthusiasts, it is my unfortunatenes that I personallyknow them (they were either friends of my friends or relatives of myfriends) forcibly raped a very handsome brilliant first year pro-biologystudent in the hostel. The student left the college very next day andtransferred to another college in Karachi. I know where that student isthese days and where those raping bastards are these days. I have had someopportunities to see that victimized student (Now a professional in his ownright) but I have never ever brought the this subject in conversations).Although approxinately 42 years have> passed, but whenever I remember his case, it still hurts my heart that hewas victimized, and that those two upper class Sindhi -who were also youngstudents then- terrorized him with forcible rape.>> Perhaps, many such instances have had gone unreported. It is time thatthe Sindhi society in particular and Pakistani society in general mustreform itself. Moreover, folks on these lists, who feel that they tookactions against Shazia Khalid rape or in their approach toward other issues,by simply discussing them on these lists, should realize that merediscussion on these lists is not like taking an action. It is calledbragging. These folks are sitting comfortably in their little or big housesin USA, far away from the actual sociopolitical and cultural realities.These folks think that Pakistani society is equally advanced insociocultular and political trends like USA, hence recommending each andevery thing that they see hear for Sindh/Pakistan. The mere fact is thatPakistani society is evolving in cross-generational terms. Old societalmodes of operation have changed drastically. Someday they will be livingwith highest humane moral standards that are commonly witnessed> in modern western socities. Not these folks based overseas and out oftouch from actual societal realities back home, but our folks who actuallylive and experience everyday life right there, would eventually beinstrumental in reforming society. While the iron is still hot after ShaziaKhalid rape, they must take initiatives to have new laws inacted againstforced sodomy as well.>> It hurts me to see that the same overseas based Sindhis, who haveviolently discriminated against their own Sindhis in USA claim to takeaction against injustices in Sindh. I mention this because I am one oftheir victims. Over the years, I have learned that when the words such asPiara Dosto or Ada, etc. used by them are in fact poison sugar coated.Briefly, as a human being and as a scholar, I do not trust them. When wecalculate behavior in over all moral terms, forcibly raping a young boy on auniversity or college campus or discriminating against sincere Sindhis isqualititatively same in behavioral terms.>> Kindest regards.>> Aftab-----

Original Message -----From: "Mansoor Hallaj" <tarot66@yahoo.com>Dear Dodo,Gone were the days when Jiey Sindh Student Wing usedto have gentlemen like Iqbal Tareen and many othergentle soul like him. Now we have pederast, catamites,and sodomites like Qadir Magsi, Basheer Khan Qureshi,Qamar Bhatti and Ghulam Mustafa Janwari who wereboasted by General Ziaul Haq to appease Late. G.M.Syed to counter PPP in Sindh.Earlier they used to sodomize and rape Punjabisettlers and Urdu speaking students in SindhUniversity to settle Political Scores and nobodyprotested and now this fire "Rape of Boys" has reachedto our own houses and nobody can stops it. I had oncewritten in my mails that no decent and goodlookingSindhi boy can take a walk alone in those SindhiDominated area in Hyderabad without being Sodomized.Thanks to STPP AND OTHER SUCH VAGABONDS AND ROGUES whoare out there working in the name of Sindh Rightwhereas they are nothing but Sindhi Speaking MQM ofSindhi dominated area. They are the ones who tarnishedthe decent and gentle image of Sindhi people and theybe condemned on every forum. Any boy is boy not Sindhior Punjabi or Urdu Speaking and once he is sexuallyabused he is finished the very day his life is ruinedforever and it has been discussed in detail by severalPsychiatrists in their studies on Sexual Abuse andRape cases. These things started in SindhUnviversities during the days of Ziaul Haq. SindhiLeadership must come forward and must fight to deathto finish this Hooliganism and Gangsterism from theSindhi Community as it is a shame for all of us.Hussain Bin Mansoor Al Hallaj-----

Original Message -----From: "aijaz solangi" <aijazsolangi@yahoo.com>Sham on the name of sacred politices, the people like Sudheer Tunio shouldbe severely punished according to law. I appeal the authorities to strictlytake actions against this student federation wing of JSQM and restigate themfrom this University and held ban on student poltics in University..Solangi Aijaz>

From: "hanif Sangi" <mehranian89@hotmail.com>> Date: 2005/04/17 Sun PM 06:06:53 EDT> To: sanalist@yahoogroups.com> Subject: [sanalist] Shabana Mirani was rapped by PPP leaders>> Dosto,>> We always talk a lot and condemn non-sindhis for wrong> doings, We arely look in oursleves. if I want to see, human rights,> development,education and other violations to be stoped, definatley will> start from my own house then go to neighbour.>> on 31st March 2005, a 14 years old girl Shabana Mirani was> rapped n Ratodero Larkana by 3 persons,documented PPP members and Ex PPPMPA> Syed Deedar Hussain Shah's nephews. What a shame, We thought they are our> own, but it's Enemy within. What happened next Police showed the so called> arrest after a week and put these local leaders in a house. in meantime> local PPP leaders put a lot of pressure on Shabana's family to comeforward> for Community decision. a Poor person couldn't fight and finally agreedfor> that and Community leaders including Bashir Qurishi decided to give 6lacks> for Shaban's rap. that's our Sindh and Sindhi people.>> No Political party condemn the action, which is not a surprise.>> Saath Salamut>> Staff Sergeant Hanif Sangi> US Army Ft Myers Arlington VA.>>

From: munwar soomro <soomro_munwar@yahoo.com>> To sanalist@yahoogroups.com> Subject: Re: [sindhorg] Boy rapped by Jieay Sindh> (JSSF)> Central President Sudheer Tunio> Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 08:37:46 -0700 (PDT)>> Friends,>> We will know the facts soon, but this is true that for long time> unfortunately, JSSF leaders and workers have been doing that kind of> acts(crimes) against students in the interior Sindh for at least last10-15> years. I personally know few instances, in which those leaders and workers> raped sindhi and non-sindhi innocent students and the victims could nottalk>> in public as they did not want to narrate their molestation and alsobeacuse>> they were afraid of the reaction from JSSF which is the sole power in> Universities.> I think this is beacuse mostly student leaders are among those who are not> good at education, character and culture. They are the people who want to> get into universities and politics to get access to university funds,> harrass and insult students and teachers whoever they want to, and bring> down the educational standards as they are not interested in that, rather> rranging boycotts to show to the university management that they are in> power.> I think this is high time we take some action about moral and educational> standards of our student leaders and educational institutions, which needs> ong overhauling.>> regards,> Munwar Soomro.> >> >> >>

Khalid Hashmani <khashmani@hotmail.com> wrote:> Piyara Dosto,>>> I second SaeeN Ali Nawaz's request in appealing all those who know the> facts to let the community know if these are true allegations or> simply political mud slinging between two student groups.>> If this news is correct then I condemn the culprits in the strongest> terms and personally will launch a campaign of condemnation of this> act and the leadership of Jeiay Sindh Students Federation's (JSSF).> However, the two newspaper reports cited in Mr. Dodo's e-mail do not> state the facts as Mr. Dodo's e-mail says. We must ascertain the facts> before we take some action.>> The news item in KAWISH talks about a FIR in which two persons Sudhair> Tunio and Zen Ghun are accused of taking away of cash, mobile> telephone and an attempt to rape the second year student. The news> account continues to mention that subsequently, two student groups> fired at each other. There is no mention of JSSF or it's leadership> being involved in this case.>> The news report in IBRAT talks about a joint press statement about> celebrating 10th anniversary of G. M. Syed and praises G. M. Syed's> philosophy and it's importance in solving of Sindh's problems. The> news item then mentions that JASSQ has appointed a 3-member committee> to investigate student allegations against President of JSSF. The> committee will give report in 3 days. After which the party decision> will be made and implemented.>> Thanks and regards,>> Khalid>>> -----

Original Message -----> From: "Ali Nawaz Memon" <sindhhouse@hotmail.com>> To: <sindhorg@yahoogroups.com>; <sindh-politics@yahoogroups.com>;> <sindhiat@yahoogroups.com>; <wsc-network@yahoogroups.com>;> <sindhmedia@yahoogroups.com>; <sanalist@yahoogroups.com>> Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 8:35 AM> Subject: [sanalist] RE: [sindhorg] Boy rapped by Jieay Sindh (JSSF)> Central President Sudheer Tunio>> Dear readers,>> Is this true allegation? Please write what you know.> If this is indeed true, then Sindhi community must take action. We> all were shocked and took action when Shazia was raped and when> there have been otherinjustices to our people. If some of our own haveraped> a Sindhi student,wemust take similar or even stronger action.> We need to protect and develop our society from outside as well as> inside.>> Please tell us what should be done.>> Your input and help towards development of Sindh is always welcome.> Ali Nawaz Memon> Sindh Development Institute> 7204 Antares Drive> Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA 20879> http://sindhdevelopmentinstitute.blogspot.com/> sindhhouse@hotmail.com> > > ----

Original Message Follows----> > > From: "Dodo" <swritersforum@yahoo.com>> > > Reply-To: sindhorg@yahoogroups.com> > > To: sindh-politics@yahoogroups.com, sindhiat@yahoogroups.com,> > > sindhorg@yahoogroups.com, wsc-network@yahoogroups.com,> > > sindhmedia@yahoogroups.com, sanalist@egroups.com> > > Subject: [sindhorg] Boy rapped by Jieay Sindh (JSSF) CentralPresident> > > Sudheer Tunio> > > Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 12:09:41 +0100>> According to press reports publishd in Sindhi Newspapers Daily Kawish and> Ibrat and Urdu Daily Qomi Akhbar Jeiay Sindh Students Federation's (JSSF)> Central President Faqeer Sudheer Tunio and his five other party comrades> have raped a teenager Sindhi Boy (K), student of 2nd year of Chemistry> Department in Sindh University Jamshoro day before yesterday. JSSF is a> students wing of late G M Saiyed's Jeiay Sindh Qomi Muhaz (JSQM).> According to DPO Javed Odho and the FIR, the boy, a common non-political> student, was idnapped by JSSF president Sudheer Tunioo, Zain Gann and 4> others during the classes and was taken to G M Sayed Hostel of University,> where the central leaders of JSSF tied his hands, committed rape and> extorted money and took his mobile phone. According to reports, in past> several years the same organization JSSF and its top leadership have been> involved in incidents of sodomy with students and teachers, kidnappings,> extortions and robberies. According to Provost of Sindh UniversityMuhammad> Siddqu Kalhoro, more than 900 male and female students of Sindh University> have jointly signed an application addressed to Vice Chancellors and> Minisster of Education, demanding the imposition of ban upon JSSF and its> leadership in Educational Institutes of Jamshoro.> http://www.dailykawish.com/Hyd16/ti10.html> http://www.dailyibrat.com/local/n27.htm>> Dodo

----Original Message Follows----From: Mansoor Hallaj <tarot66@yahoo.com>Reply-To: SindhPost@yahoogroups.comTo: SindhPost@yahoogroups.comCC: sindh-politics@yahoogroups.com, sindhorg@yahoogroups.com, induspk@yahoogroups.com, PakD@yahoogroups.comSubject: Re: [SindhPost] A real story Tragic assaults - {What is to be done}Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 19:38:58 -0700 (PDT)
Dear and Respected Qureshi Sahab and other members ofJiey Sindh Organization,
When I wrote names of several leaders I didnot mean tocurse the whole party or all the members of Jiey Sindhor other Nationalists what I mean that we must startpolitical training of students alongwith extensivehard work in studies. If we want to get our Rights wewould have to work overtime, day and night to rebuildthe Sindh from Kashmore to Karachi. Nobody would do itif we dont start ourselves. There was an ICSBureaucrat in India namely Akhter Hameed Khan {noypassed away . May God bless him forever in JannatulFirdous, Amen}, he left his ICS Job and that was alucrative job in pre-partition days and people inBangladesh particularly in Comilla can never forgethis services he rendered for them.
He could be a shining example for all of us his OrangiPilot Project is witness to the development work inOrangi Town Karachi where people were made enable toself help. What we must do first is to start acampaign not through rallies and press statement butthrough maintaining discipline amongst SindhiCommunity {or what is left of it} instead of demandingleadership and post in the party.
Bring back all those genuine scholars who have leftSindh University and other institutions in theInterior of Sindh due to fear of rowdyism and appointthem back in Sindh University and follow their ordersstrictly even if they slap you on face tolerate it.Help maintain the standards of Sindh University sothat it can be compared with Government CollegeLahore, LUMS and IBM Karachi so that our brothers inInterior Sindh shall once again compete internationalstandard like Bhutto once did. He was also fromLarkana and once in a Kutchehry in his house Larkanahe reprimanded a Rural Sindhi on his dress and veryharshly said why dont you people wear pant shirts.When he used to be very harsh on those Sindhis whoused to come to him for a job in Custom and other suchanarchist department. He used to say, I want you tojoin Foreign Service and you are asking about CustomJob, and that was a leader we lost.
My very humble and very loving advise is that first ofall there must be a revolution in Sindh in Educationsector. We must improve our english {for a start gettwo work books of Thomson and Martinet and circulateit freely amongst all, if it is difficult tounderstand than there are thousands of Translators whocan make it Sindhi-English Work book and thendistribute it}, the second thing is Internet we mustbring in Media Revolution in the interior of Sindhtherefore we should establish as much ISPs as we couldso we could have access to World and what is happeningoutside. We would have to protect those of middleclass left in the interior of Sindh as they are theelement who can bring in the change. We must protectthe businessclass who are in the interior of Sindh nomatter Hindus, Punjabis or Urdu Speaking and weSindhis must protect them even at the cost of ourlives so to dispel that negative impression that hasintentionally and unintentionally been developed overthe years that we are not tolerating the foreigners.Diversity is the beauty whats done is done. You cannever turn the clock back but save what is left. Iagree on all the issues 1000% AND with you againstNFC, KBD, THAL and whatever but we must first maintainLae and Order amongst oursleves to organize ourselves.The landlords must see what is writing on the wallthat if you would not allow the middle class amongstyou in the interior Sindh then a day would come whenyou yourself would be nowhere.
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