Sunday, July 10, 2005

Practical Thnigs to Do

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On the edge of doom, here are some practical things we can do, pleaseadd to the list if you like:

1. SPEAK SINDHI while in SINDH or when even one Sindhi is around you.

2. Help your Sindhi brother because he is he is your Sindhi brother,please go out of way to do so, don't just make false claims ofSindhiyat.

3. Be NICE to your brother, do not bark at him, take his side, givehim support, hide his faults, encourage him

4. SPEAK for Sindh, don't be apologetic and diplomatic about it.

5. Don't be jealous if a brother gets into a better position, showyour happiness over it, give him support, do not pull his leg.

6. Even in the face of provocation, avoid confrontation among brothers.

7. Support nationalist parties, even though you may find them menacingsyndicates of goondas (i.e. until we have better nationalist parties).

8. Help save our universities, in any manner and form if you can helpplease do so.

9. Buy Sindhi books and magazines, pay CASH. Order for your office ifyou can.

10. Try and Honour our Shaheeds, it is so sad Sindhis have COMPLETELYforgotten those who gave their lives for Sindh. ------------

Now your turn to add more :)

Amicus Mellitus

More practical things for SINDHIS to do:

11. Strive for excellence and creativity in every activity and deed -- show the world that Sindhis are as good as any one.

12. Don't allow petty issues to divide you from your fellow Sindhis
-- Your survival as a people depends on it.13. Be fair and honest to yourself and all others. Protect Sindh's
assets and do your best to ensure all Sindhis benefit from
those resources.14. Fight for Sindhi rights, where ever you are. There is plenty you can no matter where you live. Win over a student, a
fellow co-worker, a social worker, or a leader to the Sindhi cause.

14. Abhor corruption. Discourage any one steeling from Sindh's national resources or profit at the expense of other Sindhis.15. Do not accept feudal domination and don't let any one deny you your basic human rights.

16. Support anyone and any political party that supports Sindhi cause -- forcefully oppose any one who denies you your rights.
17. Believe in equal rights for women and that women are as capable as men in any field.18. Gather factual information on how Sindhis and Sindh's resources are being exploited for the benefit of others. Share that data with other fellow Sindhis and supporters who can join the struggle to put a stop to that.
Khalid Hashmani


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