Friday, August 05, 2005

Sindh: Adapt a School Program

Adopt A School Program

The innovative idea of adopting a government school started with a Situation Analysis of Basic Education in Sindh by Prof. Anita Ghulam Ali in 1990 for the UNICEF. This analysis revealed the poor performance and infrastructure of government schools in Sindh and proposed the concept of “adoption” of government schools. As a possible enterprise for school improvement. In 1997, Education Department, Government of Sindh, even more convinced of the idea, presented the strategy of the "Adopt a School Program" to the then Minister for Education. This presentation highlighted and proposed the “adoption” of government schools by the private sector in a processed and phased manner.

The strategy suggested the formation of a group comprising of the Department of Education, Sindh Education Foundation and the adopter to revitalize the schools through a strong linkage and mobilization of the parents and the community. The Adopt a School Program was therefore officially launched in 1997 with the following specific objectives to improve government schools in the area of quality, access, infrastructure and community participation:
Mobilization of private sector to assist public institutions.
Increased involvement of parents and communities through extensive community mobilization.
Regular School Monitoring and feedback .
Head Teachers and Teachers Training.
CO-curricular activities Increased/improved school facilities.
Do you want to adopt a school ?
for further specific information call on 92-21-111-145-145 or
So far about 50 schools have been adopted
Check out the list at:


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