Sunday, July 17, 2005

Opportunities in Malaysia

Dear Friends,

I just had a long chat with Sain Altaf Shaikh who is a famous Sindhi marine captain, writer of travel books and a wonderful human being. I know that millions of Sindhis have been introduced to the outside world as well as to marine engineering and navy through his writings.

I am honored to say that both of us have many things in common. However, I have just discovered a new common passion-- love for the far east. Both of us had opportunities to spend a lot of time in the far east. I have worked on many World Bank projects in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia. He has spent many years in helping to establish marine institutions as well as sailing the waters. He is about to return to Malysia for another exciting assignment. I am proud to say that Altaf has received the highest civil award from the Government of Malaysia.

We were just talking about economic opportunities for our people in that part of the world, particularly Malaysia. With his permission, I want to share the information with you. If any of you have further questions, he has kindly agreed to respond to your emails. You can write to him on:

First, please note that Malysia is a very developed country. Percapita income is easily ten times that of Pakistan. Every one speaks english there. Majority religion is Islam. Their food and living style has many common features. It gets hot and rainy, but every place is so beautiful, green and airconditioned.

I am told that visa for Malysia is still relatively easy to get. Here is the website of Malaysia Immigration department.
Check it out and other related sites for more information.

I understand that business visas and opportunities are plentiful. I have personally met many many Indian and Pakistani businessmen who came with little and have made millions.

Student visas are available. If you perform well at Malaysian college, scholarships are relatively easy.

Once you have got some education there, job opportunities are plentiful. Malaysian papers are full of job opportunities in Malaysia as well as in Australia, Newzealand etc.

Nothing is too easy in the world. However, with some research and effort, Malaysia presents a lot of legal opportunities.

I hope that our educated youth as well as people with some capital can find and avail some of these opportunities.

Your input and help towards development of Sindh is always welcome.

Ali Nawaz Memon
Sindh Development Institute
7204 Antares Drive
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA 20879


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