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Development of Sindh

March 31, 2007

Dear Friends
1. We all can agree that Sindhis are falling behind each day. Denial of their rights by others is clearly a very important factor. Denying each other's rights by Sindhis themselves, allowing educational and other institutions to reach state of ruin etc are other significant causes.We need to work simultenously on both sides of issus-- external to Sindhis and internal to Sindhis. However, we should be doing each day what ever we can do.
2. Sain Khalid Hashmani is rightly concerned. In this particular email, he has drawn attention to violation of Sindhi rights by others. He has suggested holding of demonstrations in major cities of USA. Why? Because we need to bring our misery to attention of american society and decision makers. I think it is a good idea. Holding seminars like WSI has been doing and holding demonstrations combined with holding press conferences will be useful. WSI has done a good job of sensitising american stakeholders.
3. I am sure that there are other things that we can do too. Personally, I like to contact concerned persons directly. I like to share two recent experiences so that others may consider the same approach of directly doing something.
(a) About three weeks ago, I learnt from World Bank sources that repackaging of Kalabagh was planned and a senior World Bank team was going to Pakistan for that purpose. I directly contacted about twenty persons who could do something. Thank God, many people were alerted in a timely manner. I am thankful to Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto who issued the following instruction:
"Chairperson desires that the matter below be brought to the attention of the President Sindh as well as the Leader of Opposition Sindh Assembly. They may like to discuss it with their experts with a view for Leader of Opposition to write to World Bank expressing concerns on their proposed visit. Second NGOs may also be asked to write similar letters. Third, parties of Balauchistan and Frontier who oppose the Kalabagh Dam may write to draw attention to their provinces position through the Assembly."
(b) Last week we learnt that admissions for Sindhis at Dow Medical were threatened. I wrote a strong note to past and present MQM chiefs in USA. I received the following response within two hours:
"We are checking up with our London office as well as from Karachi as to the background of this action. Once we have the clear picture we'll revert back to you."

I am waiting for some concrete action.

4. The main struggle for Sindhi rights has to be within Sindh. We all are convinced about the need for unity which can lead to more effective action. In this context, we the overseas sindhis can play a part.

About two years ago, I joined a JOINT MISSION OF AMERICANS OF INDO PAK ORIGIN and travelled to both Pakistan and India to urge peaceful reolution of outstanding issues. People and leaders of both countries welcomed us and listened to us.

I recommend formation and sending of similar team of american Sindhis to Pakistan and other appropriate places to meet people and leaders to try to halt downward slide of Sindhis. Detailed terms of reference can be formulated. I shall be happy to be a part of such a team.5. Personally I like to focus on improving economic lot of Sindhis. I need support for generating 100,000 scholarships for Sindhis. We need to find practical ways of helping individual Sindhis to prosper. How can we persuade businessmen to help sindhis in establishing businesses?

6. Let us hear from others about what should and can be done. Then let us formulate a strategy and ACT. I definately support the idea of demonstrations. But I think we need more.

Your input and help towards development of Sindh is always welcome.

Ali Nawaz Memon Sindh Development Institute 7204 Antares Drive Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA 20879

From: To:, sanaofcanada@yahoogroups.comSubject: [sanalist] A "Sindhi Rights Day" to start a campaign for Sindhi RightsDate: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 10:08:04 -0700 (PDT)
Ada Aziz, Piyara Gul, Suhna Saifooji, and SaeeN Ali Nawaz,

Your messages and ideas have moved me and I am sure others to ponder over the latest attacks on Sindhi Rights and what we do. We all know that many of adversaries of Sindhis have unified and have a strategy to overwhelm Sindh and Sindhis. Unfortunately, we are mostly in "reactive" mode and tend to simply show half-hearted reaction to actions that usurp of our rights. In my view, what we also need is a strategy of unquestionable unity on a simple principle that "WE WILL NOT ACCEPT INJUSTICES ANY MORE" and launch a unified movement here in North America that will soon catch on in Pakistan and other countries to bring attention of other Pakistani and world communities to the plight of Sindhis.

Many of us appear to be satisfied with issuing statements and writing e-mails but shy away from any tangible actions that involve moving away from our PCs. When was the last time SANA, the largest organization of North American Sindhis, demonstrated in a major city like New York, Toronto or Washington DC for Sindhi Rights. Almost all of the successful Rights movements have had an activist agenda with rallies and demonstrations not only locally but also internationally. Neither the black civil rights movement in the USA nor people of Quebec would have achieved their lingual and economic rights peacefully without a super activist agenda The first step in achieving and preserving Sindhi Rights is to create awareness about the discrimination and exploitation of Sindhis (refer to the Objectives section in SANA charter) in Pakistan and rest of the world. Without people being aware that Sindhis are under severe attack as their basic rights are being trembled and that they are being forcibly reduced to a minority in their own land, we have no chance of attracting any support and sympathy from others.

I propose that SANA President, without any reservation and fear from any reaction of pragmatists, call for holding of rallies and demonstrations on a suitable day in the next few weeks. He should extend a hand of unity to all other Sindhi organizations and ask them to join the "Sindhi Rights" campaign. The SANA President should call for a "SINDHI RIGHTS" day. On this day, Sindhis from all over the world should be encouraged to hold peaceful rallies in front of Pakistan embassies or in locally significant locations (e.g., White House, UK Parliament, etc.). This should be followed up with consistent and diligent activities conducted in a unified manner until the injustices stop and our adversaries are unable to further discriminate and exploit us.

I wonder how many of us are very much content to go on doing what they are doing now comfortably and how many are willing to shed away lethargy and apathy and join hands for a "SINDHI RIGHTS" campaign.

Thanks and regards,

Khalid Hashmani
McLean, Virginia, USA
Aziz Narejo wrote:

It is a part of the Musharraf/Military/ MQM plan to dispossess Sindhis from their cities and turn them into a minority in their own land.
It should be the priority of all to end the military dictatorship and defeat the terrorists in their designs.

Yes, SANA should play an active role in the struggle for the rights of our people. We had formed the SANA Human Rights Committee to take up the issues affecting the rights of the people of Sindh. Unfortunately that and most other committees couldn't become active.

We need the support of the community members to take up these issues. I would request our friends like Irshad Kazi, Mohammad Ali Mahar, Ghulam Mustafa Soomro, Khalid Hashmani, Dr Gul Agha, Dr Mazhar Lakho, Dr Feroz Ursani, Dr Maqbool Halepota, Dr Aijaz Turk, Dr Mahmood Qalbani, Waheed Shaikh, Dr Valeed Shaikh, Shakeel Nizamani, Fayaz Soomro, Sarfraz Gahothi, Khair Mohammad Kolachi and others to come forward and lend practical support.

That should be the practical thing to do. Members may also suggest what else we CAN do.

Please help,


Gul Agha wrote:

Ethnic cleansing of Sindhi villages, demolition of Lyari homes, rejection of residence based on parents' domicile, and now ways of keeping more Sindhis out of Karachi.. -----------------------------------------------------------------
Date: Sun, Mar 25 2007 10:41pmFrom: Mushtaque RajparDawn has reported a demonstratoin by Sindhi Students in Hyderaba and Karachi condemning Dow Medical University's new admission policy, under which, as reported, DMU has abolished the 28 reserved seats for the interior Sindh students.
Reported Dow has made it manadatory for students applying for admission to have their parents domicile of Karachi district. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Gul Agha wrote:

We all have our beliefs and should respect each other for them. But what all decent, informed people can agree on is that the Sindhi people have a right to determine their future free of violent coercion. We cannot respect people who would deny the Sindhi people this fundamental moral and legal right. The right of self-determination , enshrined in international law for all peoples, should be freely exercised under UN supervision since we cannot trust the Pakistani style "referendums" and electoral shenanigans. Then the Sindhi people can decide whatever they want, 1940 resolution on autonomy, 1973 so-called "federalist" constitution, 1847 independence, etc.. then we can debate the merits of various options meaningfully, and agree to respect the choice of the people. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Ali Nawaz Memon wrote:

In a way, we are a minority-- and a very weak one at that.
Looking at history of weak minorities, they linger on, perish or prosper. The way we are going, we are lingering with a downward trend. May be in few decades, Sindhis will be a story of the past.


Saifullah Shaikh wrote:
.Indeed I was not surprised to see,and as expected---there wasno practical approach/strategy for combinedmovement---- -same old Rhetoric -------all newspapersclearly r indicating that there is no sign of unity inSindh. During last 72 hours---Jeay Sindh,s BashirQureshi is marching through whole Sindh ---as a lonelywolf!---and have made repeated appeals to otherNationalist leaders to join him?! but nobody hasresponded. Law attorneys/advocates r suffering fromhead injuries---but still Nawaz Sharif/Benazir renjoing tea/biscuits and r not able to understand theconsequences of lack of organization in their ownso-called political parties!!,and 24 hours ago AltafHussain from London has issued statement/warningfor/in favor of Provincial autonomy and have openlychallenged Composition of Pakistan state on the basisof 1940 resolution? Atleast I m not seeing any sign ofunity among Sindhi politicians- --and i m notsurprised!.On coming Thursday we r going to attendanother political/huge gathering in Karachi on thishot issue of Provincial Autonomy---- --so our dearSindhi Friends--we r waiting for any plan/action onthe ground to watch any sign of unity/real strugglenot only to support Pakistan lawyers movement,but forpractical steps towards provincialautonomy---particul arly from Nationalist leaders andfrom PPP/Sindh leadership-- -whole Sindh is watchingclosely. Sincerely, SaifullahShaikh-----presentl y in Khairpur Mir,s Sindh.


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