Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sindhis have to prosper

Dear Friends
In a way, we are a minority-- and a very weak one at that.
Looking at history of weak minorities, they linger on, perish or prosper. The way we are going, we are lingering with a downward trend. May be in few decades, Sindhis will be a story of the past.
What about the third option i.e. Prosper!. Looking at some of the minorities of our times, they chose to prosper. They include Ismailies (Agha Khanis), Ahmadis, Jews, Sindhi Hindus, Mormons (a minority among Christians). How did they do it?
They focussed on education, business and charity for each other. Whatever they earned, they contributed about 10% for community development. The money was used for better education, better and more business development, and more community support. eventually, a majority of them prospered.
This option is open. We know that many Sindhis have accepted this or a part of this formula. There are many who have focussed on business and are doing well. The missing ingrediant for them is community help and development. Then there is the question of bringing in rest of the community in business development.
It is a tall order. But please start spending 10% of whatever you earn on community development. Give it to needy relative as a scholarship or help some one in openning a shop. Do something,
Once we are financially and educationally strong, political strength will follow.
Ali Nawaz Memon


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Ali Nawaz Memon!

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