Sunday, September 17, 2006

What it takes to be rich (Money)

Beverly Hills, Calif. 90210
How Harvey Jason made his own luck
Lesson 1: Create your own opportunities. The British expatriate who owns Mystery Pier Books, got his revelation on a movie set with Steven Spielberg. (more)
Paradise Valley, Ariz. 85352: Bob Grosnoff succeeded by making others lucky too

Westport, Conn. 06880
Carole Reichhelm scoops up waterfront property
Lesson 2: Have a growth mind-set. Reichhelm and others have a knack for identifying things other people covet. (more)

Atherton, Calif. 94027
Rich Miletic: from mowing lawns to CEO
Lesson 2, Corollary 1: Never stop learning. Miletic left a safe, corporate path to get valuable leadership experience. (more)

Lake Forest, Ill. 60045
Ron Irvine seizes his chance
Lesson 2, Corollary 2: Calculate your risk. Leaving a comfortable corporate job to be a consultant wasn't as much of a gamble as it seems. (more)

Do you have what it takes?
American business lore is filled with tales of visionaries taking insane risks in pursuit of a distant dream – and then striking it rich. In fact, the rich look a lot like you. Money Magazine's Josh Hyatt debunks 5 myths to show you what really drives success. (more)


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