Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ties with Rajistan by Mushtaq Ali Talpur

Dear Friends
I greatly value the concerns of our enlightened class ie those friends like your self who knows the situation deep down its roots But I too may humbly submit my views. Why should we be so weak to keep us shut in room due to fear of this n that, even if this n that is true which at times is true but isnt it enough time that we stand up strong cultually on our feets and face challenges of the time. Hiding ourselves in caves will not take us any where we need to open up, be strong culturally so that economic avenues are opened to our people. Look at Punjab its opening at 5 points, its building bridges at social,cultural and political fronts where as we just trying to save ourselves. We too could think of moving with the times, why fear others when we get ourselves strong. Remember in the prepartition days it was said the economic power was in the hands of Hindus, yes thats true but then who were the Sindh Workies why Hindus only why werent the Muslim Workies too, then now we say Muhagirs have economic power may I ask who has stopped Sindhis from becoming Economic power.It our fault, fault of our intellectuals, our nationalists, our feudals, our politicians and our Bureaucrates.Look at China its dominating the World economically only by opening its doors n windows, look at India once it opened up its becoming economic power, look at Gulf Countries irrespective of thier sizes are opening up thus ushering in more prosperity. Thus in my humble opinion we should be strong enough to bear the shocks if any and build our selves strong Socially, Culturally and Economically as there lies our future and not in living isolation.When Khokrapar was closed it was said Army doesnt want it to be opened so if some is opening us another long held demand like the One Unit undone by Armyman we should capitalise on it and look at its positive impact.I respect others views and hope mine too shall be considered.
Mushtaq ali Talpur


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